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Our Design

The Unique Symbol

Is it a hand? Is it a ginger? Maybe a cactus? Many people question our logo and the story of our first logo begins with "The Doodle Guy." Created by one of the founders, you can see him enjoying fried chicken and beer. Koreans often call this pairing "chimaek," (chi-mac) a portmanteau combining the word 'chicken' with the Korean word for beer, 'maekju'. The current logo is derived from The Doodle Guy's head. If you appreciate abstract art, you will understand that it's actually spikey hair! 

The Story of Boothman

According to the Boothman, a meteor crashed into his spaceship and landed on planet Earth. From then on, he travels around the earth by climbing the Seoul Tower, dressing up in different costumes, and experiencing what Earth has to offer. Follow his journey as we bring snippets of his life into our beer artworks!

The Vibrant Artwork 

We treat each can label as a canvas and behind our canvas is a three-way collaborative system between The Booth, Contraflow Design Studio, and Soña Lee. Soña is our illustrator and finds her inspiration from her imaginary world with her imaginary creatures. You can find her vivid neon colors and whimsical creatures in many of our can designs. 

The Old and The New Elements: Typography 

Before discussing our font, let's start off with a short history lesson! Prior to 1446, Koreans had no writing system of their own so they used hanja (Chinese characters). Chinese characters are traditionally written vertically and so when King Se-jong invented Korean, he carried on the tradition. The tradition carries on here at The Booth. We also created our own form of Gungseoche(궁서체), a traditional Korean font. The font accentuates the paint-like qualities in the curves and thickness of each character. The combination of our traditional font style with pop art illustration continues to be an integral element in the Artwork for The Booth.

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