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Do you have a tap room?

Unfortunately, we do not have a taproom and our brewery is closed to the public. We plan to open a taproom summer 2019.

Where can I find your beer?

You can find them in Find Our Beers. Our beers are mostly around Humboldt, Bay Area, Sacramento, and Los Angeles. 

How long have you been brewing? 

We started out as a small pizza pub in Seoul, Korea in May 2013 and we've grown to host the largest craft beer festival in Korea! In May 2017, we became the first Asian craft brewery to operate in the U.S. For more details check out Our Story

What's Korean about your beer? 

Since we began brewing craft beer in S. Korea, one of our goals have been to introduce craft beer to the Korean community. As a result, all of our beers are easily drinkable and approachable to even novice beer drinkers. We also integrate Asian ingredients in our beers, such as our Fun Follower Witbier with lemongrass and peppercorn. We plan to introduce more beers with Korean ingredients in the future!

Where else do you distribute? 

We distribute in Northern California and in S. Korea, but we plan on expanding to locations around Southern California. We self-distribute, so if you own a bar or restaurant and are interested in wholesale, please contact us.  

What size are your kegs? 

We use 5.2-gallon recyclable plastic kegs instead of steel kegs. 

Do you donate beer?

Yes, we can only donate to non-profit organizations, so make sure your organization has a 501(c)(3) tax number. Please the form through our Events Form.

If I'm interested in a keg/cans for my home or office event. How can I make that happen? 

Please complete our Events Form and we'll be in touch! 

Who does your artwork? 

Our artwork is a three-way collaborative system between The Booth, Contraflow design studio, and illustrator, Soña Lee. Check out Our Design story for more details. 

Who is your mascot? 

The Boothman, a traveling alien that unexpectedly landed on planet Earth. What do aliens do when they arrive on Earth? Do what the Earthlings do! Check out our detailed story about Our Design

What's the story behind the name? 

Our founders wanted to create a space, a booth, where people can gather to share their love of craft beer and to change the world! 

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