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Booth Brewing is South Korea’s fastest growing craft beer company. The Seoul-based brewery was founded in 2015 by Sunghoo Yang, a former investment analyst along with a doctor and a British journalist…And the red-hot operation is now brewing their beers in the states and shipping them back to fans in their homeland.

The problem with brewing artisan beer in South Korea is access to its essential ingredient’s…And because the cost of importing these necessary ingredients is so high, the craft beer scene in South Korea which reached a fever pitch in 2015 is fueled equally on imports.

Realizing how crucial the cold chain transportation system was to maintaining the quality and flavor of craft beer, The Booth Brewing’s owners established South Korea’s first cold chain import and distribution system, and they were beers soon bringing in beers from Mikkeller, Evil Twin,  Øl, and 8 Wired that were as fresh as possible

Then to keep up with demand and take advantage of America’s easy access to the fresh ingredients like hops, barley and yeast, The Booth expanded into the former Lost Coast Brewery facility  in Eureka, California with a much different (and somewhat amazing) business strategy in mind.

Working out of their US hub in Humboldt County, The Booth is currently brewing their core brands to be shipped back to Seoul, a 5,400 mile journey across the Pacific to Seoul.

Supported by the cold chain distribution system they established, The Booth is in essence, importing their own South Korean brand to South Korea…which is truly mind-boggling. They also hope to introduce their brand to the much closer in, San Francisco, which given California’s already crowded craft beer market might be a totally different kind of challenge.

According to Forbes, the company (which recently announced that they received $4.6 million in funding from Yuanta Securities and Medici Investment),  hopes to “expand next year into vibrant, fast-growing Southeast Asian cities like Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh, where international tourists and local taste buds alike are keen for creative brews.”

At the same time The Booth’s founders realize that craft beer Southeast Asia is still is young…and that nurturing the consumer and building brand loyalty at the same time is key.

“In Korea and Southeast Asia, most people are having craft beer for the first time, so it’s very important for us to introduce the culture of craft beer.”


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