Before becoming the first Asian craft brewery to operate in the United States in May 2017, The Booth Brewing Co. started off as a small pizza pub in an alleyway of Gyeonglidan Avenue in Seoul, Korea in May 2013. Its three founders at the time were still working full time as Korean medical doctor, financial analyst, and Economist correspondent. But with their love of craft beer and the ambition to create a “booth” where young-minded people can gather to change the world, The Booth was born.

Since its humble beginning, The Booth broke conventional industry boundaries and led the creation of a healthy and exciting drinking culture that is true to its core philosophy – Follow your fun – that resonates with the zeitgeist of the younger generation. From the release of Tae(dong)gang Pale Ale – South Korea’s triumphant answer to North Korea’s Taedonggang beer – and hosting one of the largest beer festivals in Asia, to launching the first 100% refrigerated beer distribution system in Korea, The Booth has transformed the Korean craft beer scene, and even earned the founders a spot in Forbes 30-Under-30 Asia list.

Fast-forward to today, The Booth US is getting ready to make history in the biggest craft beer market in the world. Our mix of fun-based philosophy, unique artwork, and cutting-edge quality beer has already been attracting the mouths and hearts of many craft beer lovers and even non-enthusiasts. The best part is that our journey
has truly just begun!

follow your fun